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The Temple
Of Feminine Arts

Online Immersion April 2024

This is an invitation to walk the Red Path of Remembrance.

The Sacred initiation of the Priestess wisdom.

Welcome to the sacred sanctuary of The Temple of Feminine Art, where the journey of Self discovery intertwines with ancient wisdom and modern understanding! It is the path that leads you deeper into your Truth, your Wisdom, your Womb.

As we spiral through 5 transformative months online, immersing ourselves into the depths of feminine mystery, power and embodiment.


Through this sacred journey, we’ll embark on a profound exploration, reawakening the ancient ways that reside within us, inviting you to remember the depths of the Womb Mysteries and nurture the relationship with our own Womb consciousness.


Using rites, rituals, and ceremonies as our guiding tools, we’ll delve into the realms of inquiry, embracing the beauty of the unknown and unlocking the treasures of our innermost being.

Honouring your temple body becomes a sacred ritual, where we celebrate its Divine essence, nurturing and cherishing the vessel that houses your unique spirit.


As we reconnect with the innate power and wisdom dwelling within, you find your Sovereignty, empowering you to walk your Souls path with confidence and grace.


Are you ready to embark on this Soul awakening journey of unfurling beauty, reconnecting to your feminine essence, the innate wisdom of your Womb, unlocking the mysteries within? Join me and your sisters on this transformative odyssey in The Temple Of Feminine Arts!

Course Includes 

11 calls over 5 months

Initiation of the Womb Medicine Wheel/Cross

Yoni Steaming ceremony and crafting your own blend.

Trace guidance and Shamanic Journeying

Sacred Sound Explorations/ Unlocking your authentic expression

Core/Root Wounds Reclaiming the Divine Child 

Honouring Blood and Body Rituals

and so much more..


Who is this immersion calling ...

The Woman who wants to connect deeper to the sacred

rituals of life.

Who is ready to explore the wisdom of her Womb.

reclaim her Sovereign self and walking the path of the Priestess.

The Woman who yearns to rediscover the ancient ways her body remembers. 

This immersion is to deepen you into your Womb & true Wisdom and be supported by practical rituals and ceremonies that you can then continue yourself to explore your journey further.

Course Criteria

This immersion is for the women who is truly ready to show up for herself! This means by embarking on this journey you will attend every session LIVE unless previously stated to me ( you may miss up to 2 Live sessions) Sessions will be recorded and replays will be sent out, but buy attending live you are dedicating yourself wholly to this deep immersion. It keeps the energy of this container powerful as we all witness and share our stories. It helps us to further create a true circle of sisterhood within the group. We usually find the sessions we decide to not turn up for or perhaps have the intention of watching later and miss, are the ones on some subconscious level we are choosing to avoid- and this is usually just the medicine we need to hear & learn.


- Course Dates - 

14th April, 28th April, 12th May, 19th May, 2nd June,16th June, 30th June, 14th July,

28th July, 11th August, 25th August.  All Calls are 4pm UK Time.

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