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Womb Alchemy 

The Womb is a portal of infinite potential, a cauldron of creative chaos.

When a Womban reclaims the power of her Womb she heals through her lineage, as  the red thread weaves her deeper into life, into her fullness,

into her Wild Feminine Essence. 

These Ceremonial spaces are for the Woman who wants to:

*Reclaim the power of her Womb 

* Connect deeper to the rhythms of her Womb

*Welcome the cyclical nature and worship of her Moon time/ Reclaim her Menarch

* Help deep healing of  emotions/ stories stored within her Womb Space

*Connect to ancestors/ Spiritual guides

*Heal trauma through past life/ancestral/ matriarchal lineage 

*Honour her Womb & the Inherent Wisdom within 

*Reignite her sexual / sensual life force energy 

*Anchor her visions and dreams into her reality 

* Connect deeper to her body and cultivate safety within her. 

*Hold ceremony for her Rebirth 

*Hold  Ceremony for her Grief / Rage

*Reawaken the Red thread lineage within her and walk the path of Womb Wisdom

*Embody her Sacred Wild Feminine Essence. 

Held in

Dorchester || *book online or email 


Shamanic Womb Healing Massage

2hr || £111

This Sacred Offering is a space devoted to you and your Womb space. 

With the tenderest of touch, using ancient Mayan Massage techniques (external massage only) and acupressure we move softly & slowly as we explore the landscape of your Womb & Body. Awakening and Surfacing all that is seeking to be transmuted within you. 


Womb Healing Massage can help; 

*Connect you deeper to your Womb/ The voice and wisdom of your Womb

*Can aid in healing / releasing / integrating stored emotions within the Womb & Body

*Can bring vitality to the Womb

*Help with Womb related Dis-ease such as PCOS & Endometriosis

*Reawaken your Shakti / Life Force Energy

*Heal Ancestral / Past life patterns 

*Open you to your Creative potential 

* Reconnect & Anchor you into your body, grounding you in safety. 

*Rebalance the Energies of your Lower Energy Portals (chakras)

*Help healing of core woundings that may reside deep within/ Childhood/Sexual/Relational traumas.

Within your session we may explore

Solar/ Lunar sides of the body massage 

Receiving Sacred Sound

Womb Clay pack 

Guided visualisations/ Shamanic Journeying 

1:1 Shamanic Womb Day Ceremony 

Full Day || £288

Coming into communion with your sacred Womb space, deepening your relationship to your inherent Wisdom and your full Wild Feminine Essence.

Within these ceremonies we move slowly, we welcome the soft unfurling of your body as we sink into the healing portal of your womb.  

We will tailor the ceremony to you are your individual needs exploring a mixture of the following practices and so much more;


Gentle Breath work 

Yoni Steaming 

Herbal Teas & Tinctures 

Embodiment Guidance/ Movement

Somatic Exploration

Shamanic Womb Massage 

Shamanic Journeying

Womb Voice Oracle exploration

Womb Clay Pack

Sound Exploration & Bathing

13th Womb Rite Initiation

Moon blood offerings 

Connection/ Offerings to the Land/Ocean

Organic Meals Lunch/Dinner (please share dietary requirements)

A Gift to serve as a reminder of your Ceremony

Optional 1 night stay to fully integrate in a onsite at our beautiful countryside location. Extra cost & breakfast included.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out via email or social media below.

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