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The Holy Trinity

Online Immersion

Through the portal of the womb you find your greatest power.

You find your Sacred Primal Essence.

Our womb initiates and births Wild Women into this world.


Your root that anchors you to the Mother, as dragon energies swim in the waters of the primordial womb. You are the medicine woman of this Earth, each of us with a gift to share and a voice to be heard.

Reclaiming the sacred lands of your womb and rediscovering your ancestral wisdom, bringing your power back to within you. 

Your heart open and radiates the sweet sunlight of unconditional love, to lead with your flame-heart ignited. As songs cast spells, ancient tongues speak truths. Every word that escapes your lips breathes new life, new meaning, new worlds.

This three week alignment journey is for the Wom(b)an ready to reconnect to the power of her Womb, Heart and Throat.

You will be guided through embodiment practices to delve into the depths of your Womb, Heart & Throat centres, exploring stored trauma || energetic blocks || limitations || sexual disconnection || ancestral/matriarchal lineage stories.

To bring this powerful trifecta back into communion with each other.

Who is this for .. 

The Woman ready to meet her most Primal Authentic self,

who is feeling disconnected from sexual/life force energy. 


The Woman who feels stagnancy in her creative energy,

Who feels disconnected from her Womb, Heart or Throat.

The Womam who finds its hard to express her voice & needs,

who feels like she is held back by the stories and limits of ancestral trauma.


The Woman who finds herself stuck in her busy, negative  mind/up in the clouds and not rooted in her worth & wisdom. 

The Woman who find her self stuck in self sabotaging patterns, holding herself back and fearing being seen.


The Woman ready to reclaim every part of her Wild Self.

To Show up Fully and claim her space,

ready to reconnect to the inherent wisdom within.

Whats To Expect 

3 x 60-75 Minute 1:1  Sessions 

Breathwork (The Feminine Way) 


Intuitive Embodiment Guidance 


Energetic Clearings



Deep Self Discovery 

This offering is held online. Once purchased we will arrange & book all three sessions.  


"I was curious about Ashleigh's 'Holy Trinity' for personal growth & releasing/integrating held trauma. Together we have unfolded creases from my life, my experiences. It has allowed me to deepen my connection with my womb, a real understanding of my heart and given me my voice! It has given me such hope and the courage to love more deeply"


"Working with Ashleigh has given me deep insight and awareness around connecting back to my body. Being softly guided by Ashleigh to help bring my awareness to different parts of my body and softly listening to what it needed. I felt like I could open up to her and by received with huge amounts of support and love. I would highly recommend working with Ashleigh, she has a fantastic skill of asking the right questions and supporting you in a safe environment to understand yourself & your body more.


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