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How To Work With Me..

There are multiple ways for us to connect and work together. 

Whether you feel called to join our local Women or Moon Circles to meet like-spirited Sisters. Or feel the call and urge to explore the truest depth of yourself, witness and alchemise your greatest wounds and reclaim the sovereign being you are. 

You hold the medicine.

Your body whispers the wisdom. 

Together we create the intimate space for you to connect to the infinite portal. the seat of intuition that is your Womb.  

Follow the links below to find out further details.

*disclaimer. I am not your healer, I am not here to 'fix' you. I don't believe you need to be fixed. I am here to hold space for you to delve deeper into the depth of self. I am here to guide you, to support you. It is about the amount of time and effort we both put in as to what you get out of our time together. Im here to help peel back to stories that build over time and encourage you back home to your self, to your heart, to your truth. 

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