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Call Of The
             Wild Woman

Are you ready to reclaim your Truest, most Authentic expression of yourself?

Starting S U N D A Y 29th January 2023.

IN PERSON held at Robyns Yoga Studio, Bath.


Can you hear the call of the Wild Woman



Do you feel the beat of her drum in your chest?


The fire that burns so deeply inside?


The howl of her voice echoing on the winds?


Oh Wild Woman I see you, I feel you , I AM YOU!


The deep yearning for knowing there is more, more to life, more to feel, more to taste and touch!

More to explore within the skin on your bones and the wild lands of the world around you.


Are you ready to embrace her?

To let her run wild and free ?

Are you ready to Unleash her?

And be all you came here to be?


It is time to explore the Wild Women within, free from limitations, societal restraints and shackles of shame.


It is time to dive deep into the bones of La Loba


Time to free our voices, our desires, our sensuality and our inherent power.


It is time to take up space and let the juices of life ripple through us.

  • For the woman ready to reclaim her inherent POWER, her SENSUALITY, her SEXUALITY.

  • Who wants radiate Self Worth, Self Confidence and Love every inch of the skin she is in! 

  • A Woman ready to Be all she came here to be! To stop playing small and TAKE UP SPACE.

Who is this for?

  • This 6 week transformational group immersion is for the woman who dares to dive deeper! 

  • Who wants feel empowerment within her bones! 

  • Who wants to use her voice to express her most authentic self and learn the strength of holding boundaries!


  • A woman who wants to reconnect and feel a deep resonance of safety in her Sacred Feminine.


  • The Woman ready to initiate into the multifaceted WHOLE Wild Women she came here to be! 

The Journey we take together.

Week One


Calling on the Wild Woman/Mystic and Lover, gaining a deeper understanding of  our psyche, where they may have been repressed or wounded in our life. How to activate a healthy expressions of these Archetypes.

Week Two


Our body, Our vessel, Our temple. A place of sacred energies. A place to be worshiped, to be honoured. To bow down to the Feminine Form! 

The most important thing when exploring ourselves deeper is creating safety within the body to support it, to integrate our healing. We will learn to reconnect with our bodies, to trust and honour her. To see her as the Sacred Vessel she is and tool to help cultivate safety within her.

 Week 3 


Learning to free our voices from the suppression & restriction we have held within us for far too long! Liberating the words, the emotions and feelings that we swallow down and hold back! Learning to create strong, healthy boundaries for ourselves with loving awareness and strength of a warriors heart. Welcoming our authentic expression. 

Week 4


Igniting our rage & connecting to our shame, for the boxes we have been told to fit in, for the "good girl" who could never be "good enough". Learning that rage is our beautiful bountiful chaos that holds such passion and healing. Transmuting our Sacred Rage into the fire that burn through restriction and limitation, setting ourself free.

Week 5


Learning that our blissful pleasure, our life force energy, Our LIFE CREATING energy is a Goddess given right. That we can sink deeply into our Feminine state of surrender and receivership to allow our inherent beauty to radiate from within us. To learn how to magnetise and attract the desire we hold within our hearts, from a place of pure Sacred Feminine Energy.  

Week 6


Bringing the elements of our 6 weeks together to a close, visualising the Wild Women embracing us as we Embody all that she is, all that we are, We join hand with our sister, howl from within and walk the path of the Wild Women.

Whats Included: 

  • 6 x Weekly IN PERSON sessions 2hrs
    (11-1pm 29th January/ 5th 12th 19th 26th Feb/5th March2023)

  • Weekly PDF of journal prompts/ information and at home practices.

  • Weekly Voice note to check in personally with your journey and integration

  • 1x 1:1 Online Feminine Embodiment session with me to book anytime within the 6 weeks we have together for personal support, deeper guidance, moving through limitations and integration. 

  • A group container (WhatsApp/telegram) with everyone in the course to support each other and connect with sisters walking this path with you!

Starting Sunday 29th January 

Investment of

*Payment Plans options 
Only 12 spaces available!
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