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A journey of Radical Self Reclamation, Radiant Empowerment and Embodying your Worth.

Tell me sweet soul, what is your deepest desire?

What aches in the depths of your bones waiting to be discovered?

Now tell me..

What stops you from dancing with your desire? 

Venus Woman, the embodiment of love, desire, passion, wealth.

Goddess Woman who imbues the Sacred Whole Feminine Essence.

 She who knows her worth, her softness, her strength. 

Unapologetic with the space she takes up, drenched in erotic innocence. Queen of sovereignty in her fullest authentic expression.

On this 3 month transformational journey you will walk the path of reconnecting to your inherent body wisdom, learning to listen to the subtle whispers within, you will delve deeply into the corners of self where the medicine awaits.

Unapologetic is for the Soul who knows there is more buried deep within her, who feels the disconnection from her body, her authentic self, her self worth.

This is for the woman ready to reconnect, to take a journey of ancient remembrance and walk herself home to the

Whole Feminine.

Do you feel..

*Disconnected from your Inherent Feminine Power, your

Wisdom and Worth.

*Confused by the noise of society telling you how you "should" Show up!

*Low in confidence and Self Esteem.

*Lacking in the innocent pleasures of life.

*Tired of pushing away all the different parts of self, wanting to welcome the multi faceted woman you are.

*Done with the negative self talk, self sabotaging and holding yourself back.

*You're never Good Enough!

*Overwhelmed by people pleasing and not knowing how to say say no!

*Swept up in seeking validation from external sources.

*Disconnected from you sacred rage, your passion, your desire.

Are You ready to ..

*Step into your Sacred Whole Feminine Essence, the light, the dark and all that lies between! 

*Meet every intimate aspect of yourself.

*Honour your Worth! Your Power! Your Boundaries!

*Magnetise and call in the deepest of your desires.  

*Reconnect and come into deep communion with your temple body. 

*Radiate and luxuriate in sweet pleasure.

*Express your needs and wants without guilt or hesitation. 

*Embody your sovereignty, to take up space and your power! To Lead your life like a Queen

*Stand tall, be bold, speak your truth and OWN IT!

Are you ready to be Unapologetically YOU! 


3/6month Payment plans available

Whats Included

Embodied goal setting session


Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching 3 months Online


Email/ WhatsApp support (Tuesday -Saturday)


Discounted price to other Workshops, Retreats & Circles


Journalling prompts, Practices & Self Study between sessions

*Please fill out the application form below.

This is to make sure we feel aligned in being able to work together along your journey. We will then schedule a short connection call, this will give you the opportunity to ask questions/ queries you may have and for us to connect before selecting payment options.

*disclaimer. I am not your healer, I am not here to fix you. I dont believe you need to be fixed. I am here to hold space for you to delve deeper into the depth of self. I am here to guide you, to support you. It is about the amount of the time and effort you put in as to what you get out of our time together. Im here to help peel back to stories that build over time and encourage you back home to your self, to your heart, to your truth. 

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