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Soma Whispers

An intimate dance with self 

We move with what you’re moving through.

For me somatic exploration & understanding of my inner landscape have served me deeply on my healing journey. 

As the infamous Bessel Van De Kolk writes “the body keeps score”, we may feel we’ve ‘healed’ certain aspects of self but continue to find ourselves repeating the same old patterns, our mindset & words can carry us so far but if the body still hold the limitation/trauma/incomplete somatic response, we will continue to live it and live from this place. 


This exploration is lead by you, by your body.

For you to start navigating the subtleties she shares with you,

for you to hear her whispers before they come screams! 


To move through, break free and unashamedly express all you carry within. 

We welcome the sacred fire of your anger, the sweet waters of your sensuality and all the lives between. 


 Held in the safety of my years of somatic practices & trauma training we create the container for free movement, free expression, free emotions! 


Allowing your body to truly feel the sensation within her welcomes a state of ‘completion’ we come back into balance, harmony, flow.

These explorations can be held in person & Online.


£88 1.5 hours 


 Embodiment Practices to guide you to deeper spaces within yourself.

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