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 Wild Womb Alchemy 

Ashleigh Paige is an initiator of the Sacred Wild Womban. She walks the red path of remembrance, awakening the inherent Womb Wisdom within.  She is a Ceremonialist, Shamanic Womb Healing Massage practitioner & Trauma informed Embodiment Guide. Using plant & Earth Wisdom, ancient Feminine Temple Arts, Ashleigh guides woman through the deep healing portal of the Womb Space, Connecting woman back to their primal Wild nature & full bodied Truth. Based in Dorest Ashleigh invites you to answer the calling deep within.

My Journey so far..

I get asked a lot about how I came to hold the work I do. Its been beautiful journey and one that if you had asked me even 5 years ago I could have never have guessed this is where I would be today. For that I am truly grateful. I grew up like most women with a deeply severed connection to my body.  I carried the stories most of us are subconsciously fed through society & surroundings.  I was never enough just as I was.  I struggled to hold boundaries for myself, I struggled to speak up for myself. The wounding of this lack of voice feels like it's been with me for lifetimes over, like its rippled through the red thread of my ancestors and that it is in this lifetime where I have been able to alchemise it most. To use my voice to speak out about the Wild Beauty of Women. There is nothing that brings me deeper pleasure than seeing a Sister truly shine in the breathtaking beauty of her fulness, the moments caught off guard where she isn't worried of what others think, but is just HER. It took my going through a string of unsuccessful relationships (to say the least!) and more so, a heavily toxic, mentally abusive relationship for me to hit rock bottom. For me to truly crumble and be left on the floor not knowing who I was anymore and questioning if I had ever really known. Many will call this a Dark night of the Soul. Tears pool in my eyes as I type this for the love and compassion I feel for this young maiden. I hold her in my heart so tightly. But as we know, we must be broken open, we must crumble and fall for it is the only way our True light to begin to seep out of us.  So, I started listening, I started making choices that served me and my health.  I began to take yoga classes with one of the most wonderful teachers I could have found and now dear friend still. I started to question & reconnect to the true voice of my wisdom. I 'did the work', I looked at the beliefs and patterns I held, I explored the why's and the whats if's. I started to bridge that severed connection I have with Self. I began to honour the boundaries of my body and beliefs. This was no easy journey and I'm truly grateful for the support network I had/have around me. I read the books that would empower me and inspire me, I talk to my closest supports about how I was truly feeling, no more pushing down what I didn't want to feel.  It was after Studying a Yoga foundation course that knew I needed to work in health and wellbeing. I wanted to connect people back to their Bodies, Heart & Soul! As I continued to show up in my life in more authentic ways, I stopped drinking, I started attending more 'Conscious' events and meeting like minded people, the more confident and comfortable I grew in just being me. I found the things that truly made me happy and not because it was the 'normal' thing to do. My Love for wanting other women to feel this way saw me study not only my Yoga Teacher Training but Feminine Embodiment Coaching, Sensual Somatic Facilitator and now Sacred Shamanic Womb Healing.  It was reconnecting to my body, my authentic self that lead me to walk the path of the red thread. Listening to my intuition, my wisdom.  Experiencing the profoundness of Shamanic journeying / Trance state was something completely knew to me, but it seemed to come to me with a certain level of ease. Here I regularly held myself in shamanic journeys. And is what opened me up to delving more into Shamanic practices and teachings. Before wanting to hold space for others in this way I had journeying for roughly 4 Years. I had began to create deeply ritualistic practices to support this. I listened deeper to the Earth, I heard the whispers of the wind, felt the Depth of my emotion Waters, stoked the Fires of my Soul.  This path can feel deeply isolating, there is an edge of knowing you wont necessarily be understood by others, you walk a different path. But I luckily had my Soul Sisters who were walking very similarly by my side, we had each other to express all of ourselves to I had started deepening my connection to my Womb, reclaiming my menstrual cycle for the powerful & magnificent gift that is was! I welcomed the wisdom of my Womb to express through me, I danced her into life, I sang her into song. I knew this way of life was to be reflected in my Souls path & mission in life. To live breathe and serve this way. I was here I found my training in Shamanic Womb Massage Healing. It was the piece of the puzzle I'd been looking for!  I live a life full of Ritual and Ceremony.  I help Women reconnect to the innate wisdom of She. To reawaken what embers still lightly glow. To reclaim HER!  And it is the deepest honour to do so!

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I have attended many of Ashleigh's offerings. Moon circles, retreats and 1:1's it is safe to say I'm a huge fan! Ashleigh has found her true calling, her natural gift of helping women shines through in all that she does. She is so passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge and I can't wait to attend more workshops and retreats in 2023!


Ashleigh's new moon circles in the teepee throughout the spring/summer months are such a beautiful way to gather together with other women, to open our hearts, to share space and hold each other's thoughts and emotions as they arise. She leads the group with care and vulnerability and the whole evening just leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Initiation of Inanna. I'm writing this a month on to give it justice, to let the after effects truly sink in and reflect on its magic. I wanted to write this after attending a few more events ran by other facilitators to solidify what I felt. Ultimately....SAFE. The personal journey I took, and awakenings I had was down to the space Ashleigh had created. She is so gentle yet so grounded. It's a feeling very hard to describe in words but after attending other events, I can now confirm it's not an environment that just happens.  We arrived as strangers but still now I feel the tingle of what each woman brought and shared and I hold this so dear as close sisters. If you're feeling ready to open a door, to dive a bit deeper, if it intrigues you what it looks and smells like to lift the smog in your life or even if you're telling yourself you're not ready....the chances are you are and Ashleigh's your girl to hold your hand. Thank you divine sister, I wish this feeling of gratitude upon everyone.

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